5 Plants that have more proteins than Eggs

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Plants that contain more protein than eggs

1. Lentils: Only half a cup of lentils and legumes can give you as much as 8 gms of protein. India is home to over 65,000 varieties of lentils. According to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, you must have at least five different types of lentils in a week in several forms like dal, soup, cheela, idli, dosa, vada, parantha, khichdi etc.

2. Pumpkin seeds: Around 30 gms of pumpkin seeds can give you 8.5 gms of protein. They are also a good source of fibre, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and copper. Sprinkle them on your salads or have them as part of a nuts and seeds trail mix to up your protein intake.

3. Chickpeas: Half a cup of chickpeas can provide you with 8 gms of protein. Chickpeas have been a staple part of Indian diet. You can prepare curries, boil them and add to salads, or even make the very delicious hummus from chickpeas.

4. Almond butter: Including nut butters in your diet can be an effective way to increase your intake of protein. Two tbsp of almond butter can provide you with 7 gms protein. This delicious spread is enriched with heart-healthy fats. An almond butter toast can make for a great breakfast option as well as pre-workout snack.

5. Soybeans: They too are an excellent source of protein. One cup of soybeans is said to have 29 gms of protein. Soybeans make for an excellent plant-based source of protein that you can bank on.

Not plant-based source though, but paneer is great for vegetarians who are looking to up their protein intake. Half a cup of paneer or cottage cheese can give 12 gms of protein. If you have the appetite for it, small cubes of paneer seasoned with some salt and herbs can be eaten as a snack. A lot of sabzis and curries can be prepared with paneer. You can also add them to salads. Opt for low-fat paneer in order to get more protein and less fat from the food.

Know that protein is an essential macronutrient which is the building block of human body. If you have weight loss or muscle build up as your goals, including protein-rich foods in your diet is simply inevitable.

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