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Twitter bans political advertising

Twitter bans political advertising
Twitter will ban any kind of political advertising on their platform, explaining that the reach of such messages “should be deserved, not bought.”

“Although internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power also poses a great risk to politics,” wrote Twitter director Jack Dorsey.

Twitter will launch this news on November 22 and will release the full details by November 15.

The move will put pressure on Mark Zuckerberg, who announced just two weeks ago that they did not plan to ban Facebook political ads.

Dorsey says online political advertising poses a whole new challenge to civic discourse.

“These challenges include optimizing messages through machine learning, micro-targeting, unchecked misinformation and DeepFix techniques. It is unbelievable for us to say that we are working hard for people to stop playing our systems by spreading misinformation, but if someone pays us to target and force people to watch his political advertisement … then they can say anything! ” , adds the first person on Twitter.

The platform will continue to allow content ads that call for registration for elections.

The decision has drawn divergent opinions among US political parties awaiting the 2020 presidential election.

Brad Pascal, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign manager, said Twitter’s move was “another attempt to silence Trump and the Conservatives.” A campaign spokesman for one of the Democratic candidates, Joe Biden, said that “in choosing between advertising dollars and the integrity of democracy, it is encouraging that, finally, the profits did not win.”

Explosive News – Where If Not on Twitter? Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has announced that he will no longer accept political advertising since November 22. The words “we believe that the range of political messages must be deserved, rather than sold,” have sparked widespread debate and numerous tweets about the decision. is the impact that paid advertising has on the other, the dangers that social media has to deal with in general. that with tremendous speed, sophists iranost and on a large scale. “

New rules of the game – and for politicians

Two weeks ago the platform introduced new rules of the game: glorifying terrorism, threatening violence, or violating privacy could be erased. irritating content. Two weeks ago the platform introduced new rules of the game: glorifying terrorism tweets, threatening violence or violating privacy can be erased.

Politicians who do not adhere to the rules may also be sanctioned for not tweeting or liking their tweets. The new rules come at a time when US political parties are gearing up for the 2020 presidential election – an election campaign that is feared to be very dirty. It is no coincidence that the incumbent Donald Trump’s current presidential and regular campaign team described these restrictions for politicians as an act of censorship and stupidity.

The extremely important role of truth

Both decisions are not only morally correct and show that the CEO of an important social network is ready to bear social responsibility. They are also cunning because Dorsey gives up advertising revenue, but only to a small extent. Revenue from political ads on Twitter is only a fraction of total revenue.

In order for us to be enlightened citizens who make informed choices in elections, we must necessarily know whether a message is true or not. The symbolic content of the new twitter course is much higher. With tight regulation and a ban on ads Dorsey and other media, and in particular the giant Facebook are under pressure. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has a different policy: he has repeatedly stressed that it means the content is right or wrong, whether sponsored or ordinary posts. Facebook also wants to include the right-wing propaganda portal by Steve Benon “Brightbart” in the offering of a high-quality news package to be offered across America in the coming months. What Zuckerberg means is freedom of speech. But such an understanding of freedom of speech associated with the most modern technique is capable of destroying our free societies. In order for us to be enlightened citizens who make conscious choices in elections, we must necessarily know whether a message is true or not. To recognize and act specifically is a credit to Jack Dorsey. It’s not a revolutionary step, but it could be the start of civilizing social media. Thanks for that, Twitter! Thanks, Jack!

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