Olive oil and weight loss

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Olive oil is very healthy and always welcomed in the diet, and the monounsaturated oleic acids it contains make it one of the healthiest oils. However, we need to be careful when consuming olive oil, especially if we want to lose pounds.

Olive Oil and Weight Loss: The Biggest Mistake That You Don’t Lose Weight

Many people use olive oil when they want to get rid of extra pounds and replace it with some other oil because it contains less calories. However, cardiologist Alen Ruzic argues that the belief that olive oil is good for weight loss is one of the biggest misconceptions in the diet.

Olive oil is a great food – the best oil we know, but like all other oils, it contains a lot of calories. The minimum daily amount of fat to be consumed is 2 grams (2 teaspoons) or 90 calories. Anyone who wants to lose weight should adhere to this rule, and not salad with oil, says Ruzic.

Therefore, olive oil must not be used excessively. But the good news is that unlike vegetable oils or fats, olive oil has a low amount of cholesterol. Olive oil is also a powerful antioxidant that has high nutritional value. It is important to use only moderately.

If you think a low-fat diet does more for your heart and leaner metrics, you are lying. It is the greasy things that give us a healthy heart (one of them), and sugars make it easier to float in water.

Anyone who practices a Mediterranean diet or eats healthy fats in olive oil and nuts daily is more likely to have a long and healthy life (when it comes to heart problems). Consuming more than four teaspoons of olive oil a day is likely to lower your risk of heart attack and stroke, according to a recent English study.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFA’s that help lower blood cholesterol levels and control insulin levels.

Of course, while this type of oil is healthy, it is by no means desirable to overdo it as it, like other types of fats, contains a good amount of calories. But it’s not just the heart that benefits from this fat product. Here are some things you may not have known about olive oil:

Not only healthy for the heart ..
The richness of anti-oxidants in olive oil has immense protective power over cells. Scientists are investigating the effects of these substances (polyphenols) on the bones and cells of the digestive system for their possible cancer preventive role.

Extra-virgin varies from place to place.
This production process involves literally crushing and squeezing the olives to get the oil. No chemistry must be involved. Europe’s laws regarding the labeling of extra-virgin olive oil are far stricter than the US. There, the Americans do not have strict regulations, so paint and chemical mixing by the company is possible, which could disrupt the quality of the oil.

How you store it is important!
Olive oil is sensitive to heat and light, so when shopping select a dark green bottle that will protect it from light and store it in a cool place. If left to heat or light it loses its important ingredients and becomes less valuable.

It should not be used only in the diet.
Many people, especially girls and women, do not understand that people have used olive oil for beauty for years. And even multimillion-dollar cosmetics firms rely on it.

These same cardio-protective antioxidants can protect skin cells from external harmful effects. It can be used as a natural, homemade hair mask or a cheap variant for makeup removal.

Girls, no matter how much we try to avoid fat in the name of beauty, the truth is that they are divided into two types – harmful and beneficial. And those who belong to the group of healthier not only obese, but can lose weight! As with olive oil for example.

It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body and help keep the body in shape. Something more! Only the smell of olive oil helps to reduce the extra pounds. You know that it is very recognizable and always feels when you eat a salad with olive oil. Well, it has already been proven that it makes us feel full, and so we consume fewer calories. Great, right?

Scientists from Munich and Vienna have even found that the taste and aroma of this natural product help people to consume up to 200 calories less per day.

Not bad at all!

They conducted a very interesting experiment. They asked a group of volunteers to eat 500 grams of sour milk a day, with half of them supposed to add olive oil to it.

Participants who consumed olive oil also found that they consumed much less calories and did not gain weight. And scientists are convinced that it is primarily due to the fragrant compounds contained in olive oil.

Well, we deserve to include more of it in the menu, right?

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