Morgan Freeman’s sad story: I have millions in the bank, fans all over the world, but I don’t have all I want!


Biography of Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman is one of Hollywood’s most popular and respected actors. Films with their participation have long been included in the “Golden Fund” of world cinema. He has been nominated for an Academy Award, and his personal collection has been full of awards. But the most important thing is not the recognition of filmmakers and critics. Most important is the contribution to the art that this man has made. At least Morgan Freeman was always thought of. And it’s hard to disrespect it.
This story is about Morgan Freeman – a man who has always sincerely drawn to art, pushing for recognition and big taxis in the background.
This story is about Morgan Freeman – an actor without whom the world cinema is hard to imagine.
The childhood and youth of Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman was born on June 1, 1937. His hometown was the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The future actor’s mum was simply cleaner, and his father owned a small barber shop, which, however, did not generate much revenue. Due to difficulties with the money, the Freemen family often moved from place to place. So for a time they lived in Greenwood, the city of Gary, and then in the bustling Chicago.
Morgan Freeman in his youthThis was what happened to Morgan’s theater debut. He had a small role in the school play, so he handled it perfectly. Then, for some time, the actor worked on the radio, where he participated in radio performances. Maybe it was then that Morgan Freeman clearly understood who he wanted to be in the future. Although this dream for many years was destined to remain only a dream.
After completing his education, the future actor went to the army. He served in the United States Air Force for five years, after which he went to Los Angeles, cultivating the dream of becoming an actor. In the early ’60s, Freeman worked at Los Angeles Community College, performing simple duties as a clerk while attending acting classes. Some time later he got his first role in the theater. Such was the little-known production of “Hello, Dolly!”, Which was performed on Broadway. Despite the fact that she didn’t bring much praise to Freeman, her significance in the actor’s career should not be prayed for. Morgan Gets The Experience He Needs, His Name Fell To The Pencil Of Many Famous Los Angeles Directors.

Another Morgan Freeman movie career
In the early ’70s, Morgan Freeman became known to the general public for his involvement in the popular television series Electric Company. . The future looked stiff, but the actor’s hopes for a quick rise in his career did not materialize. For nine years he had received no new film proposals and it seemed that he had already forgotten that he had never thought about his life without theater and cinema, but the new role appeared all at once.
Interview by Larry King Morgan Freeman
In one of his interviews, the actor explained the period of stagnation according to the specifics of his role. The young Morgan Freeman was indifferent to filmmakers, unlike himself, but at a much older age. By the time the filming of Brubaker’s film Morgan Freeman had begun for 43 years. He appeared before the audience in the form of an intelligent and mature man. Consequently, it is precisely this film role that will bring the actor popularity and success.
After the movie “Brubaker” followed by other roles. So, in the period from 1980 to 1986 the actor starred in the films “Mary”, “Teacher”, “Then and Now”, “Rest”. In 1987, Morgan Freeman won the role of Fast Black in the movie “Street Guy”. This work brought the actor great success and made a breakthrough in his career. Morgan Freeman was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe, but he did not win.
The actor was able to fill this gap two years later, when the film “Hoffer Miss Daisy” appeared in his film. For this film, Morgan received a Golden Globe, as well as several other prestigious awards.
At this point, Morgan Freeman has clearly established himself as a recognizable and popular Hollywood actor. She then acted in many well-known directors. His partners in the room have become popular actors in Hollywood. Along with Mickey Rourke, Morgan Freeman starred in the film “Gorgeous Johnny” alongside Kevin Costner – in the film “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” Working alongside Clint Eastwood in the film “Unforgiven”, the actor recognizes film critic and Oscar for “Best Movie of the Year”, which Morgan can also safely take.
Then Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett and many others became partners for Freeman. However, now it is not he, but they themselves, are proud of the experience of such cooperation.
Trailer of “Evan Almighty” Talk to God
In 1993, Morgan Freeman made his debut as a director, directing the drama “Bofa!” on the intercultural issues of South African society. This film is currently the only directorial work of a famous actor.
In 1994, for the third time in his career, Morgan Freeman was nominated for an Oscar (The Fugitive Escape). However, the cared statue passes by him again. This fact upset the actor, though in all interviews he always spoke philosophically about the situation, noting that the main reward for him was precisely the inclusion of such footage.
But the groomed statue still found its hero.
Now it’s Morgan Freeman
In 2004, Freeman appeared in the movie “Baby for a Million”, which earned him the long-awaited Oscar, and is also a movie actor award. After that, Morgan again became a contender for the most prestigious film award. But the recording of “The Unbowed” didn’t bring him any awards.
To date, Morgan Freeman has been featured in nearly seventy films, more than half of which have become genuine hits. In addition to film roles, the actor often acts as a film producer.
Personal life of Morgan Freeman
Little is known about Morgan Freeman’s personal life. In his numerous interviews, the actor has repeatedly stated that he does not want to dwell on the subject, as he believes that newspapers and tabloids thus influence his life. Morgan is known to have been married four times, has two sons and two daughters (one born and one adopted).
Morgan Fromome has been married four times. Currently, the actor is single. The last wife allegedly left him because of the actor’s sexual relationship with his adopted granddaughter, 27-year-old Idona Fines. However, these rumors (as well as rumors of their upcoming wedding) were refuted by the actor and the girl herself.

It was never enough. I am 78 years old and believe that I do not have much time. I have millions of dollars in the bank, but I can’t buy my health and save my life. I have family and millions of fans, but now I’m all alone. I was living my life the wrong way and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else, ”begins celebrity actor Morgan Freeman.

“Listen to me and take action if you want to change your future. I would like someone to tell me what I’m going to tell you now, when I was young

Money itself is not evil. It is just a value paper that allows us to come up with other things we consider important. But if money is not evil, what is it? Evil is the unconscious, moral, and obsessive passion for wanting more. Evil is the heartless, obsessive-compulsive pursuit of a jar full of gold at the end of a non-existent rainbow.


Evil is when we have a heart label and when we change our soul for financial success at all costs. Evil is when we try to buy happiness from the new, unaware that it is just an illusion that one day it will disappear.

Imagine having everything and then losing it all. Imagine you are a Schwarz, you don’t even have money. The only solution for you is to make money. There is nothing that creates false happiness. But who are you now? Where are all those people you considered friends when you had money?

Those who haven’t been with you for the money have probably left you by now thinking you’re a self-centered retriever. Why?
-Because your endless pursuit of money has blinded you and set you on the right path. Does this fact make you sad? I say this to you because I want to help you and change.

I’m not saying you can’t be financially successful, I’m just saying there is a greater purpose to life than an eternal race for money. You can change yourself today, if you redefine your version of what is a success. You can repair your damaged relationships, and build new ones. You can forgive yourself and those who hurt you. You can become a leader who helps others.

morgue 2

You can balance your priorities, heal your marriage, and build stronger love than you thought possible. You can become the best parent in the world, but don’t wait for my years to come. You can always make more money, but you can’t turn back time.

We will all die one day. What do you want people to remember about you? What can you learn to make the world a better place? What is your real goal?
We all die, but only a few of us really live. You are made for great things, you are made for much more than working for life.

You are a creature that should inspire the world and help everyone. Let’s finally do the right thing together.

morgue 4

Step into a world full of true love and you will realize that love is actually what you have wanted all your life. Only love, as much love as possible. Never give up, whatever challenges life brings you, the world today needs you more than ever.

Only with love, compassion, forgiveness and faith in the human race can we defeat evil once and for all. “

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