Incredible feat of mountaineer Normal Puria


Incredible feat of mountaineer Normal Puria

Climber from Nepal Normal Purja achieved a historic result today, he managed to climb the 14 highest peaks in the world in a record time, more than 8,000 meters.

This incredible feat took only seven months for Puria. The previous record of Polje Jerzy Kukicka is seven years, 11 months and 14 days. He completed his mission in 1987.

“The mission is over!” Wrote Puria, 36, who started the record campaign earlier this year.

In the first part of Project 8.000, he climbed Anapura (8,021 meters / April 23), Dualagiri (May 8,167 / 12), Kangchenjeno (May 8,586 / May 15), Mount Everest (8,848), Lotse (May 8,516 / May 22). ) and Makalu (May 8,485 / 24).

Months later he made his way to Pakistan where he first conquered the Nanga Parbat Mountain (July 8,126 / July 3), and then climbed to Gashbrum 1 (8.080 / 15 July), Gashbrum 2 (8.035 / 18 July), K2 (8,611). / July 24) and Broadway Pick (July 8/51/26).

The final phase of Purija’s historic venture began in September when he conquered the peaks of Joe Oyu (September 8,188 / 23) and Manasala (September 8,163 / 27).

Today, on October 29, the last of the 14,000-meter-high peaks, Shisha Pangma (8,027 meters), fell.

  1. Annapurna I (Height: 8,091 m)
    Located in Nepal, part of Joe Oyu and conquered in 1950, the mountain is considered one of the most dangerous mountains in the world to climb. Her death rate is immediately after that of Kangchenjunga. The name Annapurna in Sanskrit means “full of food”, which can be translated into the goddess of the harvest.
  1. Nanga Parbat (Height: 8,126 m)
    Ninth on our list of highest mountains is Nanga Parbat or what is locally known as Diamir or Deo Mir. Its parent range is Dhaulagiri, lies in Pakistan, and the mountain was conquered by the people in 1953. The cause of several deaths is extremely difficult to ascertain, the mountain being sometimes referred to as the “mountain killer”.
  1. Manasle (height: 8.163m)
    Located in Nepal, the parent mountain is Joe Oyu, and it was a 1956 climb. The name Manasle means “mountain of spirit” and is derived from the Sanskrit word Manasa, which means “intellect” or “soul.” the mountain offers a variety of conquest options thanks to a series of long cliffs and valley glaciers. More recently, a conservation area has been established to provide conservation and sustainable management.
  1. Dhaulagiri I (Height: 8,167 m)
    Dhaulagiri I belongs to Nepal. It was part of K2 and was first conquered by the Swiss / Austrian / Nepali expedition of Kurt Dimmerger, A. Schelbert, E. Forrer, Navang Dorje and Nijma Dorje in 1960. The name of the mountain expresses the glittering mountain with its beautiful white peaks. It is the highest point of the Gandaki River Watershed and lies near the deepest river in the world.
  1. Joe Oyu (height: 8,188 m)
    The mountain is part of Mount Everest, lies in Nepal and China and was conquered in 1954 by Herbert Tisch, Joseph Schechler and Passang Dava Lama. It is perhaps the easiest mountain to climb and is why it is very popular among hikers. It offers moderate slopes and worships at the foot of the mountain. The name itself means “Turquoise Goddess” in Tibet. Joe Oyu is sixth on our list of highest mountain peaks.
  1. Macau (height: 8,485 m)
    Located in India and China, Makalu was highlighted in 1955 by Lionel Teraj and Jan Kuzi. One of Macau’s unique features is that it looks like a perfect pyramid. It is quite isolated with two important subsidiaries – Kangchungtse, or Makalu II and Chomo Lonzo. There is a beautiful Himalayan glacial valley called the Makalu-Baran Valley, starting at the foot of the mountain. The valley is relatively smooth.
  1. Lotse (Height: 8,516 m)
    This is also part of Everest and was conquered in 1956 by Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reyes. It is fourth among the highest mountain peaks in the world and lies in China and Nepal. People have been trying to climb the mountain for more than half a century, and so far about 20 people have died in the attempt.
  1. Kangchenjunga (height: 8,586m)

It relies partly on India and partly on Nepal, and although it is third on the list, it is in fact the second highest mountain in the Himalayas. The people of Darjeeling and Sikkim have long worshiped on the mountain, but were first conquered by Joe Brown and George Band in 1955. Kangenjunga has also appeared in literature and films for a long time. Part of the 1999 James Bond film High Time to Kill was filmed here

  1. K2 (Height: 8.611 m)
    Part of the Baltoro Karakoram range, and Pakistan and China, have a dispute over K2. The mountain was conquered in 1954. Also known as Mount Godwin-Austen or Shoghori, the mountain has the second highest peak after Everest. Sometimes called Savage Mountain, it is difficult to climb a mountain, and in fact, it has the second highest mortality rate where one person dies every four years. It is worth noting that no one has ever been able to climb the mountain in the winter.
  1. Mount Everest (height: 8,848 m)
    It is the highest mountain peak on our planet. Part of the Mahalangur Himalayas in Nepal and China, it was first raised in 1953. The mountain attracts several climbers who are fascinated by it. There are about 200 carcasses in the mountain, some of which are used as signs. There is a moss that grows on a mountain believed to be the only plant species of the highest altitude.

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