Anderson Cooper Makes Hero Of Soleimani, Compares Him To French Leader Who Fought The Nazis

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It is astounding how liberals are willing to defend and make a hero of a man who murdered hundreds, or thousands, of American troops.

From Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy to Hollywood actress Rose McGowan many expressed their disdain for President Donald Trump killing the terrorist Gen. Soleimani.

Among those who made a hero of the murderous general was CNN anchor Anderson Cooper who compared him to a French resistance leader who fought the Nazis.

“Soleimani is—it’s difficult to convey how revered he is in Iran. Imagine the French Foreign Legion, at the height of the French empire. This guy is regarded in Iran as a completely heroic figure, personally very brave,” Fareed Zakaria, a CNN host, said.

“I was trying to think of somebody, and I was thinking of de Gaulle, although he became the leader of the country,” Cooper said.

“It’s not quite right, Zakaria said. “Put it this way. Other than the Supreme Leader Khomeini and maybe the president, he looms larger in Iran than almost any other figure.

“He is regarded as personally incredibly brave. The troops love him, and he has been the kind of mastermind of Iran’s policies in Syria, in Iraq,” Zakaria said to Cooper.

“So when General Petraeus was fighting the Iraq war, the surge, I remember him telling me that Soleimani was his principle antagonist.

Is CNN biased against Trump?

“That’s the guy the American generals were bumping up against. Stan McCrystal, at one point, had to decide at one point whether or not to attack a convoy that had him in it.

“It was a big decision because potentially eliminating Soleimani would have huge blowback,” Zakaria said.

The fact the Cooper would compare this murderer and terrorist to a man who fought against the Nazis in France is mind numbing, as The Washington Free Beacon reported.

De Gaulle led the French resistance in World War II and then spearheaded the postwar rebuilding of the French government. He served as French president from 1959 to 1969.

An airstrike hit Soleimani’s convoy near the Baghdad airport and killed the Iranian general. The strike came in the wake of escalating encounters between Iran and the United States, the latest of which saw Iranian-backed militiamen storm the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, prompting an aggressive response from the U.S. military.

These people despise President Trump so much that he has them defending a man who made it his mission to murder Americans.

One wonders, if there was a CNN during World War II and President Trump was the president would they have defended Hitler?

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