A 23.5-foot Christmas tree is set up at the Rockefeller Center in New York

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NEW YORK – The 23.5-foot Norway Spruce, purchased as a sapling 60 years ago, is set to open at the Rockefeller Center in New York yesterday as an announcement of the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Carol Schultz bought the seedling in 1959 and kept it on the table. She planted it in her yard after the Christmas season and watched it grow, Tanjug reports.

Schultz and her companion Richard O’Donnell went to the Rockefeller Center’s website in 2010 to “bid” for the tree. A few months ago, they learned that their spruce was chosen as the most famous Christmas tree in the world.

The tree was cut Thursday and a crane was loaded onto a truck.

The ceremony of lighting the decorative lamps will be held on December 4.

Last year’s fir, also Norway spruce, was 23 meters high and weighing 17 tons.

The first Rockefeller fir tree was erected in 1931, during the construction of the center, when workers raised money and bought a fir tree six feet high, which they then decorated.

Two years later, the Rockefeller Center decided to make it a tradition and held the first official lighting of the lamps in 1933.

One of the greatest buildings from the Great Depression Era, discover the history and treasures within the Art-Deco-style Rockefeller Center. Famous for its annual Christmas tree and ice-skating, the building is also home to an incredible collection of art and sculptures.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, the Rockefeller Center is spread over 89,000 square meters and is home to Top of the Rock as well as over 100 murals, sculptures and mosaics. One of the last major buildings in the United States to incorporate public art in the architecture, its an icon of American design.

Rockefeller Center – This fabulous office building is located off 48th and 51st streets in New York. New Yorkers say Rockefeller – sounds like ice cubes when they fall into a glass. I guess they know how to properly pronounce the name of fellow citizens who are not the richest family on the planet, but have long been a symbol of wealth. “What are you looking at, I’m not, Rockefeller,” hears even today outside the window of better Belgrade stores. As things stand, to Balkan husbands, Rockefeller has been a good excuse for generations not to buy expensive things for women. What makes the Rockefeller Center a wonderful tradition is the placement of beautifully ornate trees. Two fir trees were erected on two opposite sides of this building. One of them is on the slightly more protected side and in front of it are beautiful angelic instruments with instruments.

As for the opposite side (and therefore other trees), there is a phenomenal outdoor skating rink with the famous Prometheus gold rally in front of the tree itself.
In winter, there is an ice rink in front of the entrance to the GE Building, the central Rockefeller Center building. But even in April, officials on the break enjoyed the green and the golden sculpture of Prometheus, which radiates security. “You’re in the right place, this is the point from which the planet is lifted,” sculptures flying Prometheus. It is made of precious gold, so rich. It was not spared either on the marble and the waterfalls. “This is the power of America, the power of the world,” as if heard sitting in front of Prometheus’ golden flight for longer.

In the vast hall of the main building the scenes of power of the leading nation of the world continue. The monumental enormity of the hall, painted by the murals of Jose Maria Serta – American Progress and the Present. Airplanes, factories, workers in gigantic proportions, commemorate the era of industrialization in which America was ahead of the rest of the world. Sert made this mural after the famous clash between Nelson Rockefeller and Mexican painter Diego Rivera in 1933. The Rockefellers rented Diego’s world-famous muralists to portray their greatness as the bearers of industrial progress, and persuaded Marquis Rivera painted Lenin’s head alongside workers and machines. The Rockefeller didn’t mind the working class, but Lenin – that was already too much. The artist refused to cut the head of a leader calling for “despised in the world to rise.” Rivera was paid and his mural was destroyed.

Join an expert historian on a journey back 80 years and discover the rich history and breathtaking artistry of one of New York’s most fanous landmarks. Explore the Center’s most famous and important buildings, gardens and spaces; follow along with your own personal headset and enjoy this uninterrupted account through a closed circuit connection.

Well before the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting, in-the-know New Yorkers gather on the plaza each year for the tree raising. Taking place on Saturday, November 9, this little known event is truly a sight to behold. Watch as the mammoth Norway Spruce is driven onto the plaza around 7:30am, and then carefully untied and craned into its new home on the Center Plaza.

Bring the family and enjoy a children’s Art Sundae illustration workshop with artist Angelica Hicks, Rock & Roll Playhouse show,  photo opportunity with the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, face painting, and more! Children’s activities will take place on the Concourse Level of 30 Rock between 11am and 2pm.

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