7 secrets to skinny people and their diet

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You might be a little jealous of them, but make sure their figure doesn’t come as simple and still strive for it. Maybe you just have a few different tricks from yours for a healthy, fit line.

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They know when to say NO
Women who maintain optimum weight without a problem know NO to snacks, desserts at the end of a meal or fried lunch potatoes. Every day is special in itself, but that doesn’t mean it should be celebrated with extra, unnecessary calories.

They love to talk during a meal
Food should be eaten slowly and chewed carefully, in a word to enjoy it and given time for the brain to send a signal that your stomach is full, which takes about 20 minutes.

Researchers have found that people who communicate more during meals tend to eat less.

Don’t waste your time (and money) on dietary supplies
Products with a low fat or sugar content sound great in theory. But by now you know that such products contain many chemicals or additives.

This type of food can disrupt the hormonal balance and increase blood sugar levels. This way, instead of reducing the extra pounds, don’t be surprised if you increase it.

They do not deny almost anything
In the rulebook of poor people there is no such thing as bad food. If you give up on some foods or types of foods, you will end up with an incredible desire and hunger to consume them and will probably overdo them.

That is why poor people often eat everything but in moderation.

Get enough sleep
The body tries to make up for the lack of sleep throughout the day with energy, caffeine drinks, as well as sweet and / or fatty foods. If you want to eat moderately, then lie down on time and allow your body 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Experiment in the kitchen
Healthy food does not mean boring food. People who use a lot of spices in cooking and are interested in trying out new recipes are less likely to fall into the trap of over-consuming calorie meals.

Black pepper and chili peppers are great accelerators of metabolism and you should include them in your recipes.

Don’t count calories
Even healthy foods have the potential to be caloric. If you obsessively count calories, this can prevent you from eating very important foods, such as fish, nuts or dark chocolate.

Listen to the signals your body sends and eat in a balanced manner without worrying about calories. Keep in mind always that quality is important, not quantity.

The diet is a combination of fasting and Mediterranean diet, but Mosley recommends engaging in physical activity as well.

Something more about diet
This diet mostly focuses on calorie counting. According to Mosley, 800 is the magic number that will help you get rid of extra pounds.

Those on a diet should consume 800 calories a day for at least two weeks.

It is good that you can adjust your diet to your needs and only think about the number of calories.

Will this diet help you?
Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. In addition, these foods increase blood sugar levels. Soon after you consume, your sugar levels drop sharply, so you feel hungry and likely to eat more.

Dr. Mosley’s diet recommends focusing on low-carb and low-fat foods, and because of the limited calorie intake, you will likely lose weight.

Time limit
Those who maintain a diet will also need to fast. That is, not to eat 12 hours a day. This means that if you dine at 7 pm you should not have breakfast before 7 pm

What kind of food to eat?
Dr. Mosley also made a few recommendations on what to eat best while eating.


Did you know that most of us are constantly dehydrated? The fact is, almost all of us drink too little water, and this is not without consequences.

Dr. Mosley recommends increasing fluid intake throughout the day. This way you will feel more relaxed.


You probably hear that you need to avoid fat, but there are healthy fats that are good for your body.

These fats suppress appetite, and you can find them in olive oil, nuts, fish and some dairy products.

Nutrient fiber

When you ingest enough nutrients, your intestines will work much more efficiently. In addition, nutritional fiber has a positive effect on mood. Nutrient fibers can also reduce your appetite.

Foods rich in fiber are vegetables, cereals and legumes.

Does the diet work?
While developing this diet plan, Dr. Mosley gained 6 pounds and then began dieting.

After starting it, he admitted that in the first two weeks he was feeling more tired. However, the fatigue almost disappeared after the second week, and during that time he lost 5 kg.

If you want to start this diet, it is important to consult your doctor. Because diet is restrictive, it is best to regularly check your health while keeping it.

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