Space Hotels coming soon


In about six years, the first space hotel, or “the largest space structure humans have ever made,” could orbit the Earth. Such ambitious plans include Gateway Foundation, a private company that has already worked out the plans and design of the Von Braun Rotating Space Station.

It is a space station and hotel named after Werner John Brown, a rocket scientist who worked for Nazi Germany and after the Second World War moved to the United States and continued to work on the development of the missile program.

According to Timothy Alatore, chief architect of the space hotel, in that space building they want to make room for up to 450 people who could sleep, live, work and the like. Even concerts and exhibitions are planned. Like any other hotel, it would have cafes, restaurants and people could do sports. It will, of course, primarily target scientists and researchers, but also tourists who could afford to pay for it. The rotation station should reduce or increase the rotation to create different levels of artificial gravity. The design is inspired by the imaginations of John Brown, as well as some other scientists, as well as science fiction films.

“I think it started with Star Trek and Star Wars and the concept of a large group of people living in outer space having their own stores, industry and culture,” Alatore told He adds that the space hotel will be accessible to any “average person” who could “save money” by traveling to Von Braun Rotating Space Station where he could stay for a few days or weeks.

While all of this seems too ambitious on the bounds of science fiction, the Gateway Foundation still hopes that the main structure of the station will be ready in a few years and have basic functions. According to their plans, it could be fully completed in 2027, so booking accommodation in the space hotel is likely to start online in eight years.

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